About Us:

Exotic Bird & Animal Expo provide organized shows, related item sales events, huge venues, and fun activities! Our mission is to evoke a desire within individuals to become more interactive with the natural world around them and to become a part of our fast growing group!

We support local businesses, 4-H youth programs,
Pet Care, Supplies, Grooming, Boarding, Clubs, Rescues, Pet Behavior & Training!

Come join us:
  • Shop hundreds of Accessories
  • Socialize
  • Buy, Sell, Advertise, and Market
  • Create Contacts and Make Friends
  • Grow, Build and Strengthen Your Business
  • Get Educated
  • Thousands of potential Sellers and Buyers
  • Meet with the Influential Individuals in the Industry.

Bird Shows

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming judge bird shows please contact us for more information:

If you are a bird club interested in orgazining your show at one of our upcoming events we welcome you to join us!

Tracy Nguyen (President/Founder): 916-882-9486
Tony Guiomar (Bird Judge): 510-432-7921
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